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Powerhouse Propaganda Pieces

Some examples of pieces I have written/directed for Powerhouse's marketing.

Powerhouse: Z-axis

We are proud to be a 2d animation studio.

What is Powerhouse Creative

A piece that describes what Powerhouse does for explainer videos in under a minute.

Powerhouse World Tour

A piece we did to try and get meetings with ad agencies.

Captain Capitalism Cartoons

These were all produced a million years ago, but they were a lot of fun.

To Bleep or not To Bleep.

Dick Cheney called Patrick Leahey a bad word so I made a cartoon about that and how I understand why a bad word is a bad word.

Cup o' Democracy.

After a redesign a cartoon that is basically about Easter Eggs in the background for comic and video game fans.

Pigybank Pinko

The second cartoon that basically is about how we need to be consumer whores for America.

Culture Clubbing

I don't understand a lot about the Otaku culture, neither does Captain Capitalism.

Nightmare of Red Xmas

What was going to be the first of a serialized story that never happened...

Other Videos

Some non-cartoon stuff I made and still like to look at.

Ride to work.

Timelapse of what the ride to my office used to look like in the Captain Americar...

Pregnancy announcement

This is how I told the world that we were having a kid.

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