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Abraham Lincoln. Ernest Hemingway. Alexander the Great.  Brad Graeber. Of these men, whom has contributed the most to tongue-in-cheek, satirical, digitally-produced, traditional 2d animation? Probably, Lincoln. Possibly, Hemingway. But Brad Graeber is putting up a good effort for a solid 3rd or 4th place. 


Brad Graeber is an animation director, writer, producer, and artist who dislikes writing about himself in the third person but wants to manage his online persona enough to impress people.  He was Supervising Producer on Frederator & Netflix's CASTLEVANIA, co-created and was Executive Producer on Viz & Netflix's SEIS MANOS, and is serving as EP on GODS & HEROES and a few other animated series to be announced.


Brad lives and works in Austin, TX.  Brad attended the Visualization Sciences (“The Vizlab”) graduate program at Texas A&M University and worked as an award winning editorial cartoonist for several newspapers in Texas.  His Captain Capitalism cartoons have been seen all around the internet, and on some standard cable channels like Comedy Central and something called g4. 


In 2001, Brad co-founded Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc., where he currently serves as CEO.  He gets to work with amazing people everyday. Through Powerhouse, Brad has overseen production and development of over 5,000+ minutes of animation for companies including Disney, Nickelodeon, Sony, DC Comics, Marvel, Old Spice, Coca Cola, Miramax, Microsoft, and many more.  Other than his kid, Powerhouse is pretty much the best thing Brad has done-- and he had a lot of help from people more talented than him to make it happen.


Brad has a passion for martial arts and fight choreography. He is a second degree black-belt in 7-star-praying mantis kung-fu, and has boxed and trained in mixed-martial arts for many years. Brad also started Naked Lunch, a figure drawing session that focuses on gesture drawing. When not fighting or producing cartoons, Brad spends time with his awesome wife, Mandy and son, Grayson.


If you are looking for the research project that adjusted animation budgets throughout history for inflation, you can find that here.  Anything else you could want to know (and more) about Brad can be found on the social media links below.


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